The Superiority of a Wall Mounted Fountain

Published: 24th June 2011
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Large fountains positioned as the focal area of a lobby or courtyard are always impressive, but that doesn’t mean that they are the best choice. For instance, many modern designers will actually opt for a wall mounted fountain rather than the grand and massive free-standing fountains.

Why are they making this choice? It is usually for several reasons and the decision varies according to the space and intention of the designer. For example, a massive wall mounted fountain can really bring a lot of the "wow" factor to a lobby or main entrance to a professional building or a business. Just consider the many kinds of restaurants within most shopping malls…a large number of them use walls of running water and gorgeous materials to attract the attention of passersby.

Consider too how the entrance to a lobby is much more contemporary and stylish if one of the walls is occupied by a metal and glass wall mounted fountain as well.

The same sort of appeal can be enjoyed by the homeowner who decides to use a wall fountain as well. For this sort of installation, however, there are a few unique options that a much larger wall mounted fountain may not have available.

For instance, a home sized fountain could be easily put into use as a form of wall art. This is because the best manufacturers actually make fountains that display a gorgeous art print of some kind, and the water can flow over the surface without damaging the image. This means that the fountain can be in operation and create its audible and visual effects, or it can be left off and the unit can still serve as a remarkably appealing piece of artwork.

The best wall fountains can be found in an enormous array of materials and designs too. While most styles are going to incorporate some sort of framing to support that actual fountain area, this can be selected to match the décor beautifully. For instance, there are steel and metal frames, glass fountains, fiberglass units, and much more. Any of these materials can be easily combined, along with extra features such as lights and river stones tucked into the basins, to create the optimal results. Most designers find the wall fountains are superior to standard wall art because they provide a much deeper and richer experience and allow the viewer to interact with the art at an entirely different level.

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